Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot templates are easy, fantastic, and advanced options for individuals who need something simple, but impressive. These templates can be modified to match the design standards of your brand. You can choose from a wide selection of attractive designs that are available with us. There might be many questions, like,
What are HubSpot website templates? Where to buy Hubspot Templates? Why I need them? What are their uses? etc. that can come in your mind. We have tried to address your questions, but if you have further queries, feel free to contact our professionals.

What are the Benefits that I can Enjoy Using HubSpot Templates?
HubSpot templates offer you a plethora of benefits as compared to simple templates. Some of these include better lead generation, drag and drop functionality, no need of understanding of coding, SEO benefits, robust and user-friendly interface, smart content, analytic tracking, and a lot of inbuilt features.

Are these Website Templates Mobile Responsive?
Yes, these web templates are completely mobile compatible, and they include an incorporated mobile sub site. These templates are setup for and tried as well as tested on the popular mobile devices. The designs are especially configured to display appropriately on the widest range of smart-phones, PCs, tablet computers, Macs, and a multitude of other mobile web viewing devices.

How do you transfer template to my account ?
You have to give temporary access to our email id . Please make sure you choose a user role with access to Design Manager (Administrator, Marketer or Content Creator. Read more about user roles here: HubSpot User Roles Guide

What if I got stuck ? Need your technical help
If you’ve got a problem with installation after you receive the created template, or don’t understand the instructions, you can contact us and we will do anything we can to answer and solve your problems quickly.

I want to consult with you. What’s your Skype address? 
Yes, we  provide free consultation . Please click here

What is the use of Buying these Templates?
These templates allow you to build a business or personal website that can be listed in various search engines when users look for your specific service (s) or product (s). We offer all designs that are self contained, downloadable complete websites in which you can “plug-in” your own images and text with little, or no editing of the design or layout. Additionally, there are certified professionals on the HubSpot platform who take care of your SEO, leads, marketing, social marketing, blogging, and many other things.

What is a HubSpot Template Setup?
A template setup is recreating your existing website style as well as building a set of landing page/blog templates, which closely resemble your website within the HubSpot platform. After a complete template setup, you will have several page layouts and a blog template, which you may use inside the HubSpot COS (Content Optimization System).